Question about license

Hello. I am beginner-developer of RTS game Imperial Operations: Mystery of Arca, which you can find on
Can I use this A*Pathfinding package (free version) in my project on conditions below?

  1. If the game is for free - I can use it for free.
  2. If the game is commercial - first 100$ which I earn goes to creator of this package (or earlier if there’ll be Kickstarter campaign or something).
    I don’t know how my game will evolve during development, because still I have to learn a lot :slight_smile: Thanks for response in advance!
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You can use the free version even for a commercial game, no restrictions.
If you make money on the game it would be nice to let some of that go to supporting this package, but it is in no way required.

Thanks a lot, it makes my dev life much easier :slight_smile: