Question about a* pathfinding

So am just messing about with this package as am pretty new to the whole a* pathfinding can anyone explain to me why this ‘enemy’ is talking on spots that hes not supposed to walk on? Could this be a settings issue that i forgot to set something correctly


It looks like the ‘pick next waypoint distance’ setting on your agent is too high.

Also it looks like you might be using a SimpleSmoothModifier with a bit too much smoothing.

Yea it was on 2 by default, changing it to 1 looks alot better, and i didnt have the simplesmoother script attached.

Also why are some of the nodes not walkable while my player can walk there. could it be because am using a tilemap?

This is controlled by the physics. The script will check if there are any colliders that intersect the nodes. Take a look at the Grid Graphs -> Collsion Testing setting.