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I migrated from RichAI to Follower Entity and I really appreciate it, but I’m facing an issue. We are building an RTS game and we have many different unit scales and radii. We already built a formation queue and all is good, but the issue arises when some units stop and I want to send one unit to pass near or over them; it starts pushing them badly. I tried playing with priority, max neighbor, and radius, but I’m not getting something good. In RichAI, it was better; it never pushed, it would open a road and let them pass, etc.

Now, I also want to know if there is something other than circle radius? Because I think the pushing issue comes especially because of this. My units are long, so when I’m using radius, I have to grow it. I think if there is a way to use mesh for radius or rectangle radius, this should solve my issues.

Do you have a video of this? Ideally one for the desired movement using RichAI, and one with the FollowerEntity.

There’s no way to have a different agent shape than a circle, I’m afraid. It’s not easy to integrate with the local avoidance algorithm that the package uses.

Yes, indeed. In the first video, when I enable the ‘come back’ feature, it results in the units pushing and sliding against each other.

when i disable the ‘come back’ feature, it results in the units pushing against each other.

Currently, this setting offers the best balance to minimize pushing and sliding. Additionally, I’ve implemented a feature in the code where, when units are stationary, their priority is set to one. This adjustment has also reduced pushing, but I have yet to achieve the optimal result.

@aron_granberg hi , could you please check them?

So those videos are both with the RichAI?

And is the first video the desired behavior? Because you describe both as pushing.

I am currently working with the follower entity .I’ve experimented with two different approaches using this entity. In one approach, I’ve encountered an issue where the entity pushes objects, which is not the desired behavior. In contrast, when I use the rich AI component, this pushing issue does not occur. However, the rich AI component introduces other complications, leading me to prefer the follower entity. My goal is to resolve the pushing problem within the follower entity. Could you please examine the attached screenshot to determine if there might be an incorrect setting or value causing this issue?

The desire one was to do like rich ai , like when moving come back without pushing and slide, but if this is not possible, just if we can solve the pushing issue will be good.

Do you have a video of this desired behaviour? It would help a lot.

See ,here is the desire one , this was done with RICH AI its was good , just i had other issue with rich ai that let me choose follower entity for a lot of reason .
@aron_granberg look at this video i want exactly same for follower entity

Alright. I see what you want.

This behavior is governed by the RVODestinationCrowdedBehavior, and is not a feature I’ve yet implemented for the FollowerEntity, I’m afraid.
I also want to redesign it, because it contained a lot of magic numbers, which did not make for very nice code.

Essentially the code set the agent’s priority to a very low value when it had reached its destination, and also set isStopped = true.

Oh , i see , are you planning to add it in follower entity soon or not ? so i’ll see what to do ? @aron_granberg

And regarding the priroity yes that what we tried we set on stop priority is 1 and while move is 0.5 i also tired other value like 0 but also with this logic i did not got a very good results


I have plans to add something like it. I have a lot of things to work on after the 5.0 release, though, so I’m not sure when I’ll get time to work on it.

That should be the reverse, I believe. When stopped, the priority should be lower, to make them more eagerly move away from other agents.

Ok thank you so much, let me try it.

Not working , will go back to rich Ai , but i have one main issue with rich ai , when fps go down , or when using some speed abilties , sometime the unit’s are going down from terrain and ground without no reason , this was one of the main issue i left rich ai @aron_granberg did you once pass over this issues?

Also rich ai rotation is not smooth like the follower entity , it’s sometime very slow when using it , and taking longer path

This can be mitigated by running the RichAI’s update loop multiple times per frame, when the fps is very low. The FollowerEntity does this automatically.

It can be done by setting ai.canMove = false, and then manually running the MovementUpdate method. See AIBase - A* Pathfinding Project

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