ProcedureGridMover issue in rvo agent


I made an agent that follows a specified target by referring to the rvo example. As for the terrain, grid graph was applied to a simple plane, and the ProcedureGridMover script was used to recalculate the graph according to the location of the target, and it was confirmed that the graph was moved normally and the path was calculated correctly in the scene view. The agent also moves well along the updated path each time.

However, the agent moved by rvocontrollers do not cross the boundary of the initially set grid graph. The agent is already in the new graph area, and the seeker is also tracking the correct path, but controller.CalculateMovementDelta(Time.deltaTime) returns a

Is there a way to apply the updated graph on RVOController.cs ?

Thank you,

It worked well when I unchecked the default obstacle among the rvo controller’s avoidance layers.