Procedural Grid Mover with Chunk (Un)Loading

Hi @aron_granberg

I recently switchted to the procedural grid mover as a few game design choices were made to allow it and I like it alot! A thing that I noticed is that the procedural grid mover only updates nodes that get added or removed to the grid when moving, makes sense, why update something that hasn’t changed. But this causes an issue for me at the moment in conjunction with my chunk system. It can happen, that the moving grid starts to scan parts of a chunk that are not yet fully loaded, therefore not recognising anything as walkable terrain, causing holes.

The graph itself has dimensions of less than 100 so it isn’t too big, but changing the procedural grid mover to update every node upon moving a certain distance would probably not be smart performance wise to fix this issue, right? Another alternative I’m thinking about is to simply scan the whole graph again after a chunk is finished loading, though this might cause spikes as well. The later could be done async if fast enough.

I just wanted to ask if anyone here might have other ides on how to solve this issue gracefully?