Problem with small triangles (Recast)

When my RichAI generates a path along these small triangles of the Recast mesh, pretty often (but not always) they have problems to actually walk it. There is no non-kinematic Rigidbody or CharacterController or similar attached. So far this only happens when I activate the Tiles option of the Recast graph, because only then this kind of geometry gets generated. What am I doing wrong?

Here’s a video:


If you’re using Tiles on the recast graph, you might want to fiddle a bit with the tile size. Looks like the tile might have caused this. Alternatively you could increase the Min Region Size to get rid of these.

So there’s no way to repair the RichAI actually? Because fiddling with the Tile Size will solve the problem at this area, but will create it in another. Is there a recommended Tile Size for smaller levels? I tried to use no tiles at all, but then the character sometimes doesn’t choose the optimal path.

BTW, increasing the Min Region Size does not remove these triangles.

[edit] Maybe it would be cool if I could define a maximum size for regions/triangles somewhere. That way they would be split in half when they get too big.

Regardless of how the triangles look, the RichAI shouldn’t be that bad at following the path.
Are you using any kind of root motion?

I only use the Seeker/RichAI combination to move the character. :-/