Pro upgrade - Clarity required around RVO/Local Avoidance

Hi there,

I’m in the market for a pathfinder that will allow me to emulate the Gauntlet swarm-enemy style of topdown/2d specific pathfdinging (very important this part, explicitly working within the x/y vectors only).

The free version is sufficient to get basic pathfinding up and running, however I’ve been researching the pro upgrade’s local avoidance recently and it advertises to achieve what it is I’m after.

The caveat however is that I’ve been reading some reviews and posts that stipulate this system isn’t entirely straight forward/efficient when it comes to topdown/2d pathfinding?

I’d just like some clarity on the adoption of RVO/Local Avoidance in terms of implementing a ‘swarm/Gauntlet style’ enemy pathfinding approach, as it’s a significant amount of funds to part with.

Many thanks!