Priorities on Max speed when multiple scripts have it?

Just trying to understand this issue. My AI move script uses speed (I stole this script from the beginner tuts), my RVO Controller has a max speed, and my Rich AI has a max speed. Why are there so many speeds? Which one matters the most?. I’m getting some inconsistency when I set them all to the same number when I try to figure this out on my own.


That was a design mistake. In the current beta this has been improved. The RVOController no longer handles any movement at all, the movement script is ultimately responsible for the movement and can set the max speed to any value it desires.
In the current release your best bet is probably to increase one of the values to a huge value so that only one of them is used.

Thanks. for the response. I’ll play with the values more when I’m home.

A few more questions for you if you have the time…

  1. What’s the easiest way to get a certain unit to shove other units out of its way as it passes through them? Does this require code logic or just setting adjustments (using EVO controller)?

  2. Does RichAI simply automove when there is a path created from a seeker? I cant figure out what is actually moving my units at this point after I switch from and removed the built in character controller, as well as the controller.Move () line in favor of RVO controller and RichAI. If this seems like I should obviously know this then no worries, I’ll double check my code tonight.

  1. The beta has a ‘Priority’ field on the RVOController. Lower priority agents will avoid higher priority agents more.
  2. In the current version the RVOController will do the actual movement. In the beta the RichAI component will do the movement.

Great! For #2 I literally don’t think I ever tell my unit to move. It just goes after I get a path back from the seeker. I’ll have to double check this though. I was thinking that the RVOController was magically moving to the destination without any controller.Move (); calls. Very likely a noon mistake however.

Definitely checking out the beta tonight!

The RichAI will follow the calculated path and call rvoController.Move.

You rock. Thanks Aron.

Hey Aron,

I just ported over to the RVO Beta. First of all, is this really a beta? It shows that it’s much older than the newest supported version.

Anyways, my main problem is that now all of my units sink halfway through the ground. If I turn off “Is Kinematic” they seem to be tripping over the ground and eventually get kicked into the air.

Any ideas what may have changed or what is going on? The issue disappears when I disable RichAI, or if I disable AStar Path (Script) altogether.

Edit: My units also fall halfway through the ground in the newer version if I have RichAI on and no controller, RVO or not.