Prevent RVO pushing

I’m using 4.2.15 Pro and want to disable RVO agents pushing each other while moving to their destination. Instead, I want them to always path around each other and treat other agents as essentially obstacles. I’ve tried using lock but that only sort of works if agents are standing still. Even then, the agents sometimes get stuck because they think they can squeeze through a small space between two other agents.

I want them to also avoid each other while moving. How can I achieve this?


This is not possible with the RVO algorithm I’m afraid. RVO stands for reciprocal velocity obstacles and it relies on every agent taking part in trying to avoid collisions (which will look like pushing sometimes).
The current beta has some improved code for handling the case when many agents have the same destination. In the beta they will all stop near the destination while in the non-beta they would often circle around it, trying to push other agents out of the way to get closer.