Prepurchase Question

Our game consists on several prefab “tiles” that are randomly assembled at runtime to produce our levels. I am confused about how your system would handle such a scenario. Would one place one huge “navmesh” (or one of your other solutions) in the scene and then dynamically add the room geometry as it is generated, or do we create static meshes for each of our rooms and then connect them together somehow as they are placed? It may be of use to know that our tiles are connected via *(local to the prefab) placed ‘doorways’, so we know exactly how one room can/does flow into the next.

Please advise, as we are ready to purchase once we have a clear idea of how we can achieve what we need.

Thank you


You would usually create one large graph and scan that.
There are other options if the world is too large to practically scan in a reasonable time during runtime, but for most cases you would just scan a large graph after the level has been generated.