Possability to scan disabled navmesh

Is it possible to scan disabled navmesh or disabled in hierarchy? Maybe somwhere i can turn on that?


Which graph type are you referring to?

I use Recast graph.


It will never include completely disabled objects. However you can attach a RecastMeshObj component to the object and not use a MeshRenderer. The RecastMeshObj component will ensure that it is included even though a MeshRenderer is missing, and it will appear invisible.


But how i can link mesh to RecastMeshObj? Because i need to use walking area only on special meshes.

Actually, sorry, what I wrote before was incorrect. You always need to have a MeshRenderer (and thus a MeshFilter component). However instead of disabling the whole GameObject you can disable just the renderer. If you have a RecastMeshObj attached to it then it will pick up the mesh even though the renderer is disabled.

Nope, i need to disable the whole view structure with build visual and navMesh in this build. And all linked automaticly.

Hm, if i add RecastMeshObj to disabled gameObject and scan is it will scaned?

No, it will not.

Why do you need to do this? Is it not possible to just disable the renderer?
It seems odd to disable the GameObject but still make it influence the navmesh.