Please remove/change this error message

I get this error message on every start-up:

The burstified recast code is only supported in Unity 2020.1 or newer. Falling back to the slower pure C# code. (at ?)

This is annoying, because, yes, I don’t use Unity 2020.1, and there’s no reason to greet me with an error like this every time I play-test the project. At least change it to a warning, because this way I have to uncheck Error Pause in the console…

There should be a hyperlink that takes you directly to the error message in your code editor of choice. You can change the code to a warning instead of an error no sweat.

I know. It reappears all the time though, maybe because I use the package manager to integrate A*PPPro. And the point is that the error message shouldn’t be an error message in the first place.

Good point.
I have changed this to a warning in my dev version now. It will be included in the next beta update.

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