Players and monsters do not pass inside each other.

Hello, I wish the players and monsters could not pass inside each other. Remembering that I am using the free version.

Hey, you’ll have to look at the physics layer settings. To determine what objects collide.


You might also want to check out

But is there no other way for the free version?

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My player and monster are set up as in the pictures. Do I need to do what else to work? Could you explain how to do it? Thank you.

If your AI agents have a collider set as trigger the player collider will always be able to walk through it.

Sorry, but with the trigger disabled they are still going through.


What movement script are you using?
I tried recreating your problem.
When I was using the AILerp movement I got the same results as you.
However using AIPath it they did collide.
Here is my setup:

Make sure you set the orientation for 2D games