Perfomance issues

I am having performance issues on a NavMesh.
36 players all following 1 target, they can compenetrate each other (before they couldn’t and AIPath.FixedUpdate() was going up to 150ms update time when colliding) and when they do AIPath.FixedUpdate has a 100 ms or more cpu time (mostly happens when idling so every player on the same spot).

how is it possible that even in idle with all seekers compenetrated the performance is so bad. when they all move ( and they are all apart one from the other) update time ranges from 9 to 15 ms. (which is still kind of high not considering the coroutine which runs on a separate thread which takes on its own about 10ms.

I tried many different settings but didn’t manage to make it faster. i thought nav_meshes were fast, and i am not searching for huge paths (mostly moving the player by 5f maximum with speed @ 2f)

Are these perfomance numbers in line or is there something that i might have setup wrong?
running the pro version. just bought it yesterday as Unity path sucks ballz.

thank you in advance

Alexander C.