Pathfinding seeking needs 3 nodes of space when pathfinding

Hi there,

To best describe the issue that I have, please see the attached image. On the image I have a grid with a path that I want to have at least 3 nodes of “free space”. The reason I want this is because the path should always be in the center of a 3x3 box. The grid is in reality a 3 by 3 grid where each contains 5 by 5 nodes (does that make sense?). They overlap with the nodes that are barriers to the path. It is illustrated on the image. Is there a setting in this pathfinding component to achieve this?

If this makes no sense at all, I can elaborate. Also, I tried to do this by setting up the grid with fewer nodes (a 3 by 3, which each has 3 by 3 nodes), but that makes diagonal barriers impossible.

Thank you! I’ve had so many problems trying to figure this out.


You can find a guide for how to do exactly this at the bottom of this page, under the heading " Other approaches for grid graphs": Multiple agent types - A* Pathfinding Project

Thank you, Aron.

This seems to fix my problem. However, it would still cut the corner on the upper right corner (see attached on original post), would it? It is what it does in your guide.

Update: Maybe I can fix that with heuristic scale. Will check that out.


I can’t really tell how your upper right corner fits in with your rule?
Your drawing does not follow a consistent rule from what I can see? Or maybe I just can’t see it.