Pathfinding namespace not working

Using Free version 4.2.15 of A* pathfinding and using Unity Version 2020.2.5f1.
I’m trying to make a 2D platformer game where they enemy will correctly follow the player but whenever I try using the Pathfinding namespace it tells me it’s unnecessary and won’t let me make a Path or reference the Seeker script. I’ve been stuck on this for a while and can’t figure it out and I’m a pretty big noob. Any suggestions?

I’ve attached an image of my script and what happens when I declare the variables.

SOLVED FINALLY. The issue wasn’t with A* but something to do with the framework of visual studio. I switched unity’s external script editor to Visual Studio Code instead. I hope someone finds this and saves a few hours.

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I find that sometimes Visual Studio projects get messed up and I need to regenerate the project files. This usually fixes these type of issues for me.

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