Path Start Point has Offset from Agent Center

I’m using Unity 2022.3.21f1, and A* v. 5.0.6, with Recast Graph and FollowerEntity/AIDestinationationSetter on the agents.

After a scene loads (SceneManager.sceneLoaded), I search the Target GameObject using a Tag, and then set the Target.transform on the

When I enter Play Mode all the agents jump a little bit to the left or right before starting to move forward towards the destination. I want to avoid this jump as it is very noticeable and happens simultaneously to all the agents.

To get some more info, I started Play mode paused, and then stepped one frame, at which point the path for all agents were drawn. So, I noticed that the start point for all the paths was offset from the center of each agent.

So, after stepping one more frame all the agents jumped from their starting positions to the start point of their path.

I’d really appreciate some help on how to fix this.

I include screenshots of these two steps:

Agent Jumps to Path Start Point


You’ll want to exclude your agent from the scan. Right now the graph has detected your agent as an obstacle in itself.
Make sure the layer mask for the recast graph excludes your agent’s layer.

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Perfect! Thank you!!!