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Partial update of regraph navmesh create a separate area

Hello there,

I need help again please!

So we are using partial update graph when a player place down a construction or it get built so that it prevent the workers to go over it when they shouldn’t. The issue is that, sometimes, a ramp get built and the graph get updated but it creates a different area so the player cannot go over it and get stuck.

Most of the times it works fine but rarely it creates that issue. I am wondering if it’s due to the cell size (we are using 0.15). From the picture below it seems fine and well connected but for the worker when it check if the path is possible it get a false due to the different area.

And the update logic (I shortened it, but it actually queue the requests and update the in the late update):

public override void BakeIncrementalSurfaces(BakingPayload bakingPayload)
          foreach (var bounds in bakingPayload.Bounds)
              var guo = new GraphUpdateObject(bounds)
                  updatePhysics = true

How could we make sure this doesn’t happen? Is there a way to have a fail system where the worker can move between areas if they are attached?

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Which version are you using? I know that the beta version has fixed a few issues where nodes were not connected even though they should have been.

Hi there,

we are currently using version: 4.3.61, sorry I should have added it when I made the post.