Overlap when doing Melee attack

Hi All,

Just started using a* Pathfiniding Project and I have run into an issue when a soldier attacks a zombie he moves forward and goes on top of the zombie (using root motion). I am using RVO Controller, RichAI and Mechanim Bridge. When I disable the MechanimBridge there is no overlap although the attack animation doesnt propel the soldier forward. (Does the MechanimBridge work with RVO Controller? Anybody not how to resolve this? )

Right now I just disable mecanimbridge and that prevents the soldier from moving forward when attacking but would be nice to get it working properly.

Below is a video demonstrating the issue




Root motion and local avoidance unfortunately inherently leads to compromises. Local avoidance needs to control the agent’s velocity accurately in order to avoid other agents, but root motion also needs to control agent velocities accurately in order to avoid foot sliding. This means that it’s very hard to use them together. AAA games can do it somewhat, because they can afford to create a huge library of movement animations, so the local avoidance is not quite as restricted.