Odd file conflict with project

Hey there, I’m back again (Even though I had to re-register on the new system!) with an odd problem.

I’ve confirmed that the issue is not with A* pathfinding project directly as it does not give any errors in a brand new project, but when importing the latest package from the asset store (3.2.5) I am confronted with subclassing errors in the project.

FunnelModifier.cs, RayCastModifier.cs, SimpleSmoothModifier.cs and StartEndModifing.cs are all stating that their overriding Apply methods have no suitable method to override.

This leads me to believe it’s simply not finding the Modifier class to subclass – which I’m assuming is an editor (or similar) class which you are subclassing since it’s not included in your package.

Again, the package does not error when imported into an empty project, but I’d like to figure out why I’m receiving these errors when importing it into my project. I am not using any editor scripts, nor are any of my scripts named Modifier (or similar) within my project.

The only thing that comes to mind is that I currently do have the Tidy Tile Mapper editor extension that I believe has attached itself to the editor (but no scripts within the project itself) which may be causing the issue (but then I would assume it would also do so on a new, empty project – which it doesn’t). I’ll be looking into removing that but any advice/guidance to resolving this issue would be wonderful.


Found it. I had implemented my own A* implementation for my random dungeon generation technique and had a script also called Path. Sure wish the error messages were helpful with this sort of thing.

Now to figure out how to use the new version!