Octree and flying

Regarding the Octree used in the Spherical RVO would this be adaptable to actually calculating a path in 3d space (i.e. flying)? I’ve been looking at a few projects spread throughout the internet including a few that use octrees to map out 3d space and set up pathfinding for some flying AI. Figured I’d ask your thoughts here first…

Octree projects I was looking at if anyone was interested…



Not really. That octree is not really built for pathfinding at all I’m afraid. It’s only built for fast lookups.

Thx, I figured as much the more I learned of Octrees…

also if anyone else is interested in this you should REALLY check out this project:

it’s from Unity 5 about 4+ years old but still runs in 2019.3. has a interesting Octree system for 3d pathfinding as well as the use of a*, theta* and lazy theta* algorithms. A* wins in computation time but lazy theta* isn’t too much slower and has more natural looking pathfinding (less obstacle hugging/blocky pathing) Very fascinating… I may have had delusions of grandeur thinking I could adapt it to ECS/DOTS lol… they even have pretty decent looking local avoidance/repulsion going on. Not bad for a student project!

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