Nothing is clickable in the sceneview with graph debugging on (v4.0.9)

I’m on Unity v2017.1b2 - Running a grid graph and anything covered with the debug visuals layered either below or above is unclickable.


Thank you for reporting this.
I will release an update with the fix shortly. Until then you can add this code right at the start of the AstarPath.OnDrawGizmos method.

// In Unity one can select objects in the scene view by simply clicking on them with the mouse.
// Graph gizmos interfere with this however. If we would draw a mesh here the user would
// not be able to select whatever was behind it because the gizmos would block them.
// (presumably Unity cannot associate the gizmos with the AstarPath component because we are using
// Graphics.DrawMeshNow to draw most gizmos). It turns out that when scene picking happens
// then Event.current.type will be 'mouseUp'. We will therefore ignore all events which are
// not repaint events to make sure that the gizmos do not interfere with any kind of scene picking.
// This will not have any visual impact as only repaint events will result in any changes on the screen.
// From testing it seems the only events that can happen during OnDrawGizmos are the mouseUp and repaint events.
if (Event.current.type != EventType.Repaint) return;