NodeLink2 plumbing

Hi Guys, I am currently running into an issue that seems quite annoying to solve. I hope someone can help out or give some inspiration for a solution.

We are working with RecastGraph. Our Map is separated into “Rooms” any transitions between Rooms are handled by Doors with Bi-Directional NodeLink2s.
Main issue is our Agents are using RichAI + Rigidbody with Agent Collision turned ON. I’ve seen some threads and examples advising against that, but for us that pushing behaviour is desirable in most cases - just not when multiple Agents try to go trough a door at the same time.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about: Agents start “dancing” around the NodeLink2 (pushing each other off the link), effectively blocking it.

This lack of cooperation would be actually quite interesting for us - if we could still get them to move trough the door somehow.

I tried a couple approaches but most of them become quite ugly, need to consider edge cases or complicate single Agents.

One thing I’ve seen in the beta Version is “stop when area is crowded” - could this possibly solve our issue?

Any help would be appreciated!