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Node graph settings

Hello Dear Aron
1-In the node graph, how can set a penalty for the path between two nodes?
2-How to affect the slope of the terrain on graph nodes, so that the path between nodes that are on the unauthorized slope are out of reach


  1. You might be interested in
  2. There’s a setting called ‘max slope’ in the grid graph settings, maybe that’s what you are looking for?
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Thank you for your answer, but both of my questions were about the point graph

Sorry, I mistyped a node graph instead of a point graph in the first my post and title of topic

If it is not possible to set the penalty and slope for each node in the point graph, please guide me how to change the source to add these two properties to this graph

Hi Dear Aron , please help me about those questions in point graph , thanks


Usually you’d use a grid graph for a terrain, which includes settings for adding penalties to slopes.

For a point graph. This depends on how you create it. Do you create all nodes from code or are you using gameobjects in the scene?

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The grid graph is slow for very large terrains, and it is also difficult to determine the penalty in Custom paths

I want to create points by code but exclude points from navigation, that are on a slope greater than the specified slope relative to neighbors points
I can also set penalties between different points