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No game object workflow

Hi, I have a few questions.

My game implements an entity system (not ecs) that renders our AI using DrawMeshInstancedIndirect. A side effect to this is they have no game object and exist purely within our entity manager.

1- How can I use A* with this? Is there a way to make a path request and get it as a movement delta over several frames?

2- Also, I am looking for a way to get a list of all AI in a radius at any given position. Spatial partitioning will be useful here, but I was wondering if A* implements something that could get me the same information.

3- I’m also going to need a solution for collision checking, can the GraphCollision class be used for this?

Thank you.


  1. You can make path requests without a GameObject. See the bottom of this page: Documentation
  2. There’s nothing built-in to do this.
  3. No, the GraphCollision class is a helper for the graphs to check which nodes are obstructed. It won’t help you with collision detection in this case.

To be honest, I’m not sure if you mean the multi target path or using the AstarPath class directly. Is there a working example somewhere?

Also, your link in the doc for the multi target path example is dead.

Thank you for your help.

Oh no. I should fix that.
The correct link is Documentation

You mean obstructed by geometry? Does it also return obstructed when a unit is on a node?