No Debug.Log Messages Shown When I Import The Plugin

I seem to have an bug (or what appears to be a bug) where if I use the Debug.Log command in any of my scripts it doesn’t appear in my console once I have imported the plugin into my Unity Project. I’ve tested the Debug.Log command by creating an entirely new Unity Project and it works fine, I then imported the plugin and my console immediately stopped displaying my Debug.Log messages. Is the plugin somehow “hijacking” my console? It is absolutely essential for me because I use the Debug.Log command to see where my code is going wrong.
Thanks in advance!


Uh, no. The system does nothing to the console. Are you sure all the message type icons are toggled? (top right corner of the console window).


Sorry about that, it turns out it was actually just been a bug inside of Unity which for some reason wasn’t showing the console (apparently this happens more often than people think(?)), thanks for the fast reply and for a great plugin!

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