New Purchase compiling errors in AIPath.cs


I recently purchased Astar from the Unity store with the Unity Shooter Engine since I heard this is the best out there and it was a must have for a pathfinding solution. I have installed the Full project with the USE and also tried just the AstarProject folder without errors in a clean install.

I then imported the package with just the AstarPathfindingProject and subfolders leaving out any of the TSE stuff into the project I am currently working on to discover that I am getting a compile error, not namespace related, but unknown definitions:

Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/Core/AI/AIPath.cs(396,40): error CS0117: Mathfx' does not contain a definition forClamp01’


Might it be possible that you have a class named Mathfx in your project? An already existing one would conflict with the one the A* Pathfinding Project includes.

I searched everywhere to find no MathFx - hence my confusion. In fact after doing a full text parse search on my asset folder the only MathFx references exist within Astar only

Weird… Can you check so that the AstarMath.cs script -> Mathfx class actually contains the definition for Clamp01?

According to your post, it does not seem like you have had an older version of the system installed in the same project before, but if you have, try to delete the AstarPathfindingProject folder and importing again, maybe the AstarMath.cs script was not updated for some reason when importing the package.

Second, looking over something, will update accordingly.

The script is there, and its defined within Mathfx as float (float a) and int as well.

Ah - ha! I found the issue, apparently Astar doesnt behave well with another addon called GameDraw. I couldnt see what was going on in the compiled DLL of Gamedraw or the code behind it and something tells me there is probably a Mathfx hidden away somewhere in that plugin. Had to delete the DLL for GameDraw to fix it.

Oh, I see. Annoying… Since the Astar Pathfinding Project is full source, you could use the IDE of your choice to refactor the name of the Mathfx class to something like MathfxAstar to avoid conflicts. Hopefully that would work.