Need help with 2D Top Down movement

Right now, My sprite’s pivot is Bottom Center, and I need to offset my collider up 0.5f to match the shape. But I can’t change the height of the RVO Controller. Also, the Square Obstacle is not supporting that as well. I really need some help with that.


The pivot point of the character must be at its rotational center, otherwise to rotate the character it would also have to be moved in a circle which gets very complex and confusing.

Because it’s a top-down 2d game with characters only facing right or left, I am not rotating the character. If I set it to the center, the transparency sort axis won’t work very well with sprites of different sizes. Also, the RVO Square Obstacle only has a XZ plane option.

I see.

You can always just put the sprite on a child object and offset that a bit.