Need Help! Support for A* Pathfinding Please!

Two questions. I’ve created a recast path, however there is no way to block a layer like obstacles with the other graphs. This is how my AI is doing. They are getting stuck on trees and objects, defeating the purpose ><. What Am I doing wrong? Some of my AI gets stuck on almost anything. Trying to release this game ASAP. This is the last part lol. Welcoming any help! I know you are sick! I hope you feel better!

Is a video of what is happening!

Also having a issue, where the AI I have these scripts attached too, are disappearing on mobile iOS builds, its like they just don’t exist or I think they fell through the map or something when Im doing mobile build.

BUMP, in hopes of support!


Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been sick with fever for the last 3 weeks and I haven’t really been able to respond to any support requests.
The recast graph has a single layer mask. You should include everything there, both the ground and obstacles.
Your videos seem to be down (or they have a weird format), so I can’t watch them.

How do you do that? How do I include everything in a single layer mask?

https://streamable .com/3jw01p


In the recast graph settings there is a layer mask, you click on it and include all the layers that you want.

I can’t quite tell what’s going on in your video, but it very much looks like something other than the rich ai movement script is also moving the characters.

Is is just the RICH AI, everything else is part of Game Creator 2, There are no move actions going on. Just the Rich AI, SEEKER, and Destination setter.

I clicked one Hedge and changed it to Obstacles layer, and unchecked it on the A* game object layer mask or w/e. It still creates paths through the hedge and defeats the purpose. I’m so confused as to what I’m doing wrong. The problem is my AI is running close to the hedges and trying to get on top of them, which they can’t.

Could you show me a screenshot of all components on your AIs?

From what I can see in your screenshots the navmesh looks correct. You can, if you wish, add the RecastMeshObj component to your hedges and use that to mark the surface of the hedges as unwalkable, but this shouldn’t matter much unless your agents somehow end up on top of the hedges. But it will get you a slightly cleaner navmesh. The paths the agents generate look correct as well, however they move really strangely and don’t seem to actually be following their paths.

There is 100% nothing else controlling the enemy AI. Maybe my settings aren’t right on the rich AI and the Pathfinder game object. What settings would you recommend?


It’s hard to tell what’s going wrong.

To start with, can you try setting the RichAI → Wall force and wall dist fields to zero? If they are too big they can sometimes cause odd movement. Also enable the funnel simplification field.