NavMeshCut and Pure ECS

I am using Pure ECS (so no GO in hierarchy) and am able to get an AI Script to work on my recast graph. The only issue I am having now is the NavMeshCut. I cant seem to strip it away from its base monobehavior (mainly because it needs a transform to act on I think). Has any one got the NavMeshCut to work without being attached to a GO or have any other suggestions?

So for more details, I have a NavMeshCut on my prefab and have it injected onto my Entity. But it wont function correctly and I cant subclass it to get it to work. It has internal marked methods that block me from overriding some methods using the transform (that for me is null). I am using the latest version “Version 4.3.35”. Thanks.

May need a ECS category for you topics. :slight_smile:


Right now this is impossible I’m afraid. You’d need to change some things deeper in the system for that to work.

Hey Aron,

No problem, in the end I just went back to Hybrid, using something like: conversionSystem.AddHybridComponent(seeker).

That seems to be a good compromise between GO and ECS. Its just unrealistic for us to go to pure ECS right now, the work vs the reward is NOT there for our situation.

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I too gave up on trying to do navmesh cutting without game objects. It’s lame having game objects just sitting around for no reason other than cutting a navmesh, but I couldn’t find any way around it. I ended up switching to the Agents Navigation package (which is built specifically for ECS) instead of A* Pathfinding Project, but it also has the same problem with navmesh cutting requiring game objects.