Navmesh Prefab Sub Scene

Hi Aaron,
I’m trying NavmeshPrefab right now - the idea seems great to me, but at the expense of implementation I can’t “make friends” with the following principle - I have a large world in which I currently use one large cache - and where the player is, I load a separate scene with the terrain (otherwise, I have the usual mesh proxy there - “cheats”). So - I finally need to have a navigation grid only where sub-scenes have been loaded to the terrains of which I would like to add NavmeshPrefab and if after loading two or more adjacent scenes, their navigation grids were combined. I tried to act according to NavmeshPrefab - A* Pathfinding Project, but something doesn’t work out for me - sometimes they shift somewhere, sometimes he swears at the sizes that they don’t match, then there is a huge gap between them, etc. d. Maybe you will have time to record a video about this beta function or maybe there are some other recommendations on how to act in the situation I described (if it is even possible to implement it with NavmeshPrefab)

Thank you)