A* Pathfinding Project

Navmesh on a spherical planet


Never mind, the problem I saw had to do with a NavMeshCut object affecting the Navmesh generation at runtime, maybe a bug, but nothing to do with this package. :slight_smile:


That’s good news! So then it’d just be the files you’ve shared with Aron? Do you trade files through private messages? I sent Aron a message about the topic and included my invoice to prove I have Pro version. Just want to make sure I’m on the right page.


Yes, first import the latest release or the most recent beta and then import files I emailed to Aron. the issue I mentioned earlier was due to navmeshCut and recalculate normals not being compatible as navmesh cut eloquentlyrequires a well-defined up.


Okay great thanks! Ahh okay, that makes sense about the Navmesh cut.


Fantastic Hey I am also interested in your asset and I will definitely buy the pro version if it is that good I did myself get A.I to move around a sphere without Navmesh but it is very crude as it can’t shoot anything . The only thing it does is collide with my player or player A.I. I wish to do an FPS/RTS where the R.T.S camera rotates and zooms in and out of the planet and you fight in a hovertank and hover space plane and you can get into and out of vehicles and this looks fantastic for that purpose . So if you could send me the files please?


Hi, I’m also very interested in @Christougher modifications, can you send me the files? thanks!


Or maybe @aron_granberg has the files to send me (I think I can’t PM because I’m new). I can send my invoice if needed.

As a side note, seeing the interest here I really think these files should be made public somehow…


@Christougher @Pavan_Chopra @danielphk @Raphael_Ninpo @brianp1691


I do not know how to pathfinding on spherical planet like earth!

Can you send me demo about it, my pro pathfinding version is 4.1.12.


Since it contains local avoidance (pro) code you’ll need to request it from Aron himself. Maybe request the email I sent him be forwarded to you…



We are also interested in the sphereworld navigation and was able to create path using Navmesh and move the player around.

But now we are kind of stuck to use the local avoidance (we are using the 4.1.16 Pro Version).

Can you please send us the file modified by @Christougher so we can have a base to learn on @aron_granberg ?

Thanks for your help.


@Reimajina I have forwarded the files to you.


can you forward me the files too?


@aron_granberg I’m using pro version 4.1.14. There is no example for spherical navigation. Can someone forward me a demo?


@aron_granberg - Same here, would like to see some documentation / examples.


I have an example scene included in the files I shared. While I would love for this to be officially supported it is right now more of a community mod right now I think. But if the interest keeps up… who knows?


@Christougher i am not able to find the files you shared. :frowning:


They contain pro only code so you’ll have to have them forwarded to you by Aron


Hi everyone

So since there seems to be quite a lot of interest in this, I have spend the last few days working on an official implementation of this. Instead of the multiple quadtrees as implemented by @Raphael_Ninpo I extended the quadtree to an octree which scales better (well, technically I haven’t profiled this yet, but it seems 1 octree ought to be faster than 6 separate quadtrees) and it also allows local avoidance to function on more complex surfaces (not necessarily spherical). I also improved the AI script a bit to also do surface normal interpolation (otherwise it would change direction very suddenly when moving from one triangle to the next).


That looks amazing! I’m so eager to try it! :smiley:
I’m glad you picked up on this because I definitely wouldn’t have done a better job than you, and it’s great to see that other people did need this for their project.
The more we are interested in this, the better it will get!
Please tell us when it’s available to use.
Thank you Aron, you rock! :+1:


What he said! x2 :smiley: oh my gosh I’m more excited for this than nested prefabs