A* Pathfinding Project

Navmesh on a spherical planet


Ah, I see.
No, the free version does not contain any local avoidance.
I have Raphael’s files, so I can send them to you if you want (they require the pro version to work however).


That would be great, thanks. I’ll grab the pro version now


I forwarded the code that Raphael sent me to your email.


Hi @Jackson, sorry for the late reply, I was out of office for a while.
You can compare Aron’s scripts to the ones I modified to check what I changed.
Don’t hesitate to PM me if you have any question.


No worries at all Raphael, thanks again man for the code and the offer, really helping me out here. I noticed in the email you mentioned you went about the quad trees a different way, I think your solution should work perfectly for me as well. If I hit any similar revelations I’ll be sure to let you know. And thanks Aron for the email.



I have the same problem and I’m searching on how to solve it. I was hoping to have the files also.



I have forwarded the files to your email.


Thank you so much @aron_granberg and @Raphael_Ninpo
I got it.


Hi everyone as i read you finanlly find the navmesh on spherical planet.

@aron_granberg is it be on last update on assetstore. I didnt buy your asset yet but if its work i am gonna buy it. For my project i need it.


No, currently to get a spherical navmesh you will need the current beta as well as the code that I listed above.


hi @aron_granberg great job in this project is very cool.
Can you give the file for my project.
its is my mail removed


Hi @Bryan_Core_FA

This seems to be popular…
Sure. I will forward the files to you right away.


thank you @aron_granberg i really need this


@aron_granberg Hi Aron, sorry to bother you about this, but would it be at all possible to get the project files for the video you posted above? I saw this thread earlier and decided that this would be an awesome mechanic in my game, but I’m having trouble implementing it and so need a hand. I can totally understand if it’s not possible though.


i tried replicating your code, but for some reason, my player is falling through the sphere. There are colliders on both player and sphere, yet player is falling through. Can you help me figure out the issue? Or can you just forward the project file. Thanks a lot.


Hi Pavan,
When you say it’s falling through the sphere, do you mean it goes to the center or does it fall on the world Y-axis ?
Some fix ideas:

  • Are you using the gravity on your agents ?
  • Are you using a method like Aron’s RaycastPosition after each movement to place your agent’s feet on the ground ?


So after restarting the project, player doesn’t fall through. Strange. However, the player is half into the ground and not aligning to the center of the sphere. I am using the code suggested by @aron_granberg


You should switch to Pivot instead of Center, maybe that’s your problem.
You should have is your pivot right on the ground, and then move your player model so that his feet are on the pivot.


I uploaded a beta version which includes the spherical example scene.
You can find it if you click the ‘Show Older Versions’ button on this page (a bit confusing, yes I know): https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download


changing the pivot position fixed the issue. But, the player is still not aligning to the center of the sphere.