Navmesh ai's "stuck" until the destination is moved a few times?

This is very hard to describe so I’ve recorded a video of the phenomenon:

I’ve copied the classes and settings over from the AI’s that come with the spherical example scene, and my agents seem to need the Target to be moved around a few times before they get unstuck… I’m looking at the debug info and it doesn’t say anything that I would expect to create this behavior.

Update: it has something to do with gravity, because changing gravity to “None” on the same AI agent immediately unsticks them, however, they are flying all over the place, into and out of the navmesh and everything. Looking at the documentation, it’s not clear exactly how to do gravity with a spherical navmesh; does Use Project Settings take the strength of gravity from project settings and align it to the navmesh surface normals? Does it not do this on “None” setting of gravity?


Essentially yes. The AIPathAlignedToSurface script will take the physics settings gravity and align it so that the gravity pulls the agents feet down, regardless of how the agent is rotated. That is, it has nothing to do with the navmesh or planet, it is only based on how the agent is rotated.

I’m confounded by the rest of your video, though. Do you think you could try to enable A* Inspector → Settings → Path Log Mode = Normal and see if the path requests are failing or something (make sure you remove the other agent to avoid it also logging path messages).