Multiple Recast graph and navmesh cut

I have two recast graph for different agent and i want to use navmesh cut, but i want the navmesh cut to change only the first recast graph.

Is there a way to do this? i already look at the navmesh cut component and didn’t seem to find how to affect on specific recast graph only



There is a toggle in the recast graph settings that you use to disable/enable navmesh cutting from affecting that graph. There is unfortunately right now no way to have different navmesh cuts affect different graphs.

What i want to do is i have some minion units and hero units, when the minion units start attacking i want they become an obstacle by doing navmesh cut or enabling RVO obstacle (the hero unit is not bothered with the minion at all, so i used 2 graph for the minion and the hero)

but when i use RVO obstacle the other minion didn’t circle around when colliding with the minion that is already become the obstacle.

any idea how to achieve this? is there something that i can do?