Multiple AI with avoidance

Hello I just purchased A* pathfinding. And I am having hard time getting it to work. I need many different AIs to go to the target once they are instantiated in the scene and I need them to avoid each other. I saw some examples in the project but it is really not helpful to me. Is there any tutorials that can help me with this?

It depends on what graph you are using.

For my setup (using recast graphs) I have the RVO controller and RVO navmesh scripts attached to the same gameObject which has the seeker and RichAI scripts attached (also has a character controller). Then I have the RVO simulator script attached to my A* gameObject (whatever object you have the A star Path script attached to it; the script used to generate graphs). I believe if you aren’t using recast or navmeshes then you just don’t include the RVO navmesh script. It should work then if the rest is set up correctly. Make sure you adjust the radius of the RVO component so that it encompasses your character controller or collider, that way they won’t bump into each other.

You should be able to copy each example scene, only changing your target from the mouse click position to whatever you desire.

Hi @setotj

Here is the documentation page about local avoidance: