Movement Slowed with Beta 5.1

I just updated to the beta version for my game hoping it might solve other issues but it has introduced some strange bugs with movement I’ve never seen before. I have used your pathing system for years now and not seen this in any update.

Any ideas? I’ll roll back again on this version for now, but I was hoping it would have solved my previous issues with character knocking each other off edges.

I just noticed in your newest versions mentions you do not use update or fixed update anymore. Does that mean we can’t within our own custom classes make changes to it via the update method? I wonder if this is the cause of the pathing speed lag.

I have not changed the scripts themselves, but I sometimes will edit variables in my update loops such as end distance, destination distance and destination based on factors in the game.

Let me know. Thanks

That’s weird. Not sure what could cause that.
Are you sure the speeds are set correctly on the components? Does anything change if you disable local avoidance?

You can override the OnUpdate method instead, if you want:

protected virtual void OnUpdate (float dt) {

A single global Update (or FixedUpdate) call is used to call OnUpdate on all agents. This improves performance.

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I did test it out and speed remained the same. It appeared perhaps the grid itself was causing it to freak out, but I’m not 100%. It certainly was strange! At first I thought maybe it was RVO, but disabling that made no difference.

I ended up reverting to your last version in the 4 series; 4.2.19. It works fine so I’m going to go with that one. I don’t really need performance as much as I need features to work and this one works great. I hope you don’t abandon that version. :slight_smile:

I did make a small script to catch a dropping enemy through the floor or edge if on some super rare occurrence it happens, which seems to be the case. I’m fine with it right now with that. I did notice that you have something built in with that ties into the constrain to graph setting that when a object hits around 100 below the pathing it stops it. The only issue is when it triggers this it just sends it to 0,0,0 on the grid. I think considering what you’re going for, the closest would be straight up. Anyways, I ended up intercepting this feature with a script and also check if you send me to 0,0,0 then to port back to last saved spot. Seems to work for now.

If you do figure out anything in the future please let me know. Thanks so much.