A* Pathfinding Project

Movement Rts for moba


Hi, I bought your product more than 8 months ago and I had to remove it from my project since it did not meet my needs, the last thing I tried was a new project that you uploaded from rts and did not yet meet my needs, I would like to know if this project is going To meet my needs someday.
My needs are simple, I expose them in the following sections:
-Movement of units that collide with each other (should not push other units)
-When moving a group of units that are trapped by other unselected units, they should not push the unselected units, they should approach the nearest point of their target and stop.

The movement I ask for is the same as that of any moba, example dota2.

I have been able to get these needs through the navmesh classes of Unity, why can’t you get this simple way done?



The rts beta has been improved a bit from 8 months ago. It might meet your needs now. You can download the latest beta (https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download) and try it out.

You mean that if you have a ring of unselected units surrounding a group of units that you want to move far away from there. Then they should still not push the units surrounding them away? That sounds like unconventional rts behaviour.

May I ask how you approached this using the Unity navmesh classes? It may be possible to replicate that behaviour if you tell me what you did.


can you give me some news please.
I need to know what state the rts mode is in, if the problems I mentioned have been solved



You never answered my questions, so it’s hard for me to tell you if it fits you better now.


Hello, I downloaded the RTS version and I told you the things that they do not have to do, which were the following:
-When moving a unit between other units, non-displaced units must not move.
-Sometimes it stays in an infinite loop when you move a group of units in a space where there are other units.

I would like to know what is the latest version of RTS available at the moment and test it …

About the system that i currently implemented with unity’s navmesh system, I will explain it in an mp for you.

With the explanation i that mp commented for you, you can correct the loop when trying to reach your destination.
When you station a unit, can you mark that position on the map as non-navigable?
Could anchor the units and not move them when other units try to pass for their place?

I wait for your answer and that we can get to get this movement, thx.