Migrating InputManager to InputSystem

Should I expect some great catastrophes upon doing this? The waves of red errors, computer going on fire, coffee spill?

Is there any documentation on that?


There is nothing in this package that uses keyboard input except possibly for some scripts in the example scenes.

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Sorry, @aron_granberg, got to wake this one up one more time :confused:

I sort of need [at least now I think so] to replace those GetKeyDown-s and GetButtonDown-s, but within TargetMover writing " Using UnityEngine.InputSystem; gives me an error.

What to do? :confused:



Why do you need to do this?
If you want to use the TargetMover in your own game Iā€™d recommend that you make a copy of that script and then modify that copy.

Thank you - copying did the trick it seems.

I modified TargetMover to respond to click, holding button down, etc. Somehow it went that way - nobody remembers anymore :slight_smile: