Massive (+300) RVO Agents FPS drop and teleport


Using more than 300 RVO agents, they start teleporting to (0,0,0)WolrdSpace position and FPS drops a lot, until the build dies and I need to close it.

What can cause this? So many agents at same position? So many agents near each other? Too much RVO operations at same time?


  • Graph: GridGraph
  • AI: AIPath


Do you happen to have a video showing this?

Just recorded it.
The agents are not teleporting allways (I have no idea why now they are not) but still have the fps drop when 300 agents are on the scene.

See that it drops when 300 agents spawned and tried to pass throught the hole, then it recovers and drops again when all are near each other.


Could you post your RVO settings.
Also, have you checked the profiler to see what is causing the slowdown?

I think I found the problem.

Phyisics2D are slowing down it.
Each agent has a Collider2DTrigger and a KinematicRigidbody2D.

Removing it improves a lot. So seems that it is not a A*PathfindingProject problem.

Thank you for the help!

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