Many agent to same destination pushing each other


So i’m learning to use this amazing tool .

I’m having no luck trying to give the some destination to some agents and preventing them to push each other no reach the same position.

I put a Cut Navmesh to the agents and that helps a bit, but in some cases still pushing each other and agents can move properly due to have a cut mesh under them…

If some agent is already at destination position, the next agent coming must stand next to the first one, instead of trying to reach the destination.

So i don’t wan a fight for position, if there are agents the next agent must get the best position possible, but without pushing the other ones.

Is there a way to achieve that?

Thanks !


Sorry for the late reply.

This is being worked on in the beta version. In the latest beta, if many agents try to reach the same point, they will stop and will not fight each other. There are, however, a few local avoidance bugs in the latest version, so you might want to wait until the next beta to try it out.

Hey there, thanks for the information. Do you have any update when this feature will be available in a more stable version?