Make RVO agent route around a stationary RVO agent

Is there a way to make agents route around other agents? My game is 2D. My agents all have RVO controller on them and all seems to work OK. Except one thing - if one agent is stationary another one will try to set a path through the middle of it, then because of RVO it will just repeatedly bump up behind it instead of going around. This happens even if I set locked / lockWhenNotMoving on the stationary RVO.

I tried adding DynamicGridObstacle on the agent which is stationary. It correctly marks that part of the graph untraversable, but presumably because the AI Path agent I added the dynamic obstacle to detects that it’s in a blocked cell it jumps around all over the place and tries to get out of it. It’s not documented so I assume I’m not supposed to do that :slight_smile:

Just wondering if there’s a way I can achieve this?


You may want to try the beta version. Avoidance of locked agents has been significantly improved in that version.

Thanks mate, have finally gotten around to doing that. The behaviour that I’m seeing is still the same - not sure if I might have missed something or need to change something now that I’m on beta? Also one thing I forgot to mention is the radius is quite high on the AI Path - 30. Could that have an impact?

i have the same problem.
version 4.2.18 . get in unity asset.
searched all over the forum
get nothing
need help!

@Coo As noted before, the beta has better support for navigating around locked agents.
I have also recently fixed a bug related to large agents, this could have been what @Lee79 was seeing.