Local Avoidance (constrain inside graph) + GridMover = Agents jumping

Hi there,
I have the pro version, been great so far, but i ran into a little problem, i have a 2d game, with some enemies using local avoidance + constrain inside graph, when the grid mover recalculates the graph, the enemies jump immediately to other location near of where they were before, if i disable the grid mover, everything works great, if a disable the constrain option, but leave the grid mover, everything works fine.

When the grid mover recalculates the graph, nothing around the agents change, just the borders far from them.

It seems that constrain inside graph + grid mover, makes the local avoidance glitch, am i missing something?

Edit: i did a small hack (not sure this is the best way to fix it), the function ClampToNavmesh, has this check if (sqrDifference > 0.001f0.001f),* i added if (sqrDifference > 0.001f0.001f && sqrDifference < 0.5f)*



Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been sick these last few weeks.
You could try out the beta version (A* Pathfinding Project) The ProceduralGridMover has been reworked in the beta and possibly this bug will have resolved itself in the rewrite.

I will give it a try, thanks for the reply, hope you get well soon, cheers!.