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License question / source code issue

I’m using the A* Pathfinding Project in my thesis (2D game in Unity). I’ve been loving how easy it is to set up and use, so I bought the Pro version. I’m using it for local avoidance for the enemy AI.

My question is: I need to submit the project source code with my thesis, this includes the A* pathfinding project pro files. I suspect this is an issue, as it is a paid package and me submitting it would count as “distributing it”.

I’d just like confirmation about this. I should be able to remove the pro features from my code and revert back to the free version.


That’s fine. I very much doubt any people looking to pirate this package will go looking at your thesis. Though, I would appreciate if it’s not a public repo on github.

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Thank you! :smiley:
There will be no public repo of course.

I just need to submit the source code to the University’s system.

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