Layered grid graph simple setup


I am wanting to use the layered grid graph feature, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful in getting the layered grid graph to “link” to my other grid graph. What I’m wanting is for agents to walk up a ramp to another level.

I currently have one normal grid graph on my ground terrain, and then I added a layered grid graph and was expecting it to link to my normal grid graph, but it doesn’t seem to. How can I get my graphs to connect with each other? Perhaps I only need one layered grid graph in the scene and that will do it? Perhaps I need both grid graphs to be layered grid graphs, instead of one normal and one layered? I’m not sure.

Do I need to do height testing on my upper level layer AND my ground terrain, or just one or the other?

Thanks for any help.

  • Velo


You should use a single graph for the whole world, that will work best.

I got it working Aron, thanks.

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