Latest version available in the asset store is 4.2.2?

Sorry of this is a basic question but I’m a little stumped. I installed the pro version into my project several months ago (and I really like it), but I keep getting notifications when I open up my project to upgrade the package to the latest version (as of this post, it’s 4.2.5). I want to update, but every time I go to the Unity store it says the current version is 4.2.2. Am I missing something? Should I be getting the latest version of the A* Pathfinding Project somewhere else?


Yes, the latest version is available at
I think the ‘Download’ button on that ‘new version’ popup should take you there as well? Or maybe I have made some error there.

I probably should update the asset store version though. It was some time since I did that. Sometimes for smaller releases I don’t update the asset store version because it is a quite annoying process (at least compared to updating the website version, which is literally just a terminal command for me).

Thank you, that did the trick. I’ve been to that page before, but I honestly didn’t see the ‘submit invoice number’ text field until just now.