Last stable A* Pro version for Unity 4.x?

On the download page it says I should ask here. I am currently running the version from 2014-10-14.

We need to stick to Unity 4 and are using 4.6.9 and would like to download the latest stable A* version for Unity 4. Can someone deliver me the link?


I am not completely sure which version will work with U4.6, but you could first try this version:
and if that doesn’t work, try this one

Here is an even older version in case the above do not work, but I am pretty sure at least the second link will work.

Those are for the free version. For the pro version, check the unique id for your license by going to the download page and entering your invoice number, then check the download links for the pro version, they should have a large numeric string in them, copy that and change the above links by replacing the 0 with that ID.

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