Ladders and master scheduler

Hi I was wondering if someone could point me in the best direction for implementing ladders between two elevation points. These would either need to be added in real time or enabled from a disabled state if that performs better.

Also this asset on the asset store is intriguing and I was wondering if path finding with a large amount of agents would see a benefit from using a scheduling script like this.



This package already calculates paths in separate threads so it will be pretty well load balanced already. I don’t think the master scheduler will improve things much. While it wouldn’t likely improve the framerate, it could possibly improve the behavior of the system when it is close to being overloaded. In that case path requests will take a very long time to complete (because there will be a large existing queue of them) which may cause movement scripts to get confused, spreading out the path requests to be more uniformly distributed might help with that, but not by a huge amount I think.

You can take a look at how ladders (or off-mesh links) can be implemented in the first recast example scene. There is an agent there that can jump between platforms and climb up ledges (using my pretty horrible animations).