Just keeping it simple

I have looked over your free version in hopes it did what I wanted before upgrading to the pro version. To be honest I just don’t know.

I see your package tries to do so much more than is needed, with detection scripts and character controllers etc… I really don’t want all that or need it and to be honest it’s in the way and clouds everything up.

My question is - is it possible to do this -
In my OWN game controller and enemy controls I want to just ca call a Vec3(position) on the map, get a array of path points to that location then allow me to maneuver the object to its final destination without Astar package getting in the way.

I would require updating the volume every once in awhile as new objects are added to the scene ( Pro version I know ) . And crowd avoidence is a must.

Is this possible to do or must I follow the packages path to building games.

So to be clear, I need to call for a PATH every so often, I move the object along myself, i then check if the path is reached, then do other stuff, on my own. I want to use this astar system for just path creations and look up.

Thank you.


It sounds like you want to use a custom movement script: Writing a movement script - A* Pathfinding Project
You may also want to look into the RVOController for local avoidance: RVOController - A* Pathfinding Project

Keep in mind, though. The built-in movement scripts have a lot of code to handle common cases, and edge cases, more gracefully.

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