Issues with ramps and walls on Recast Graph

I am running into some problems when implementing a system with ramps and walls where the graph gets cut when using two ramps over the top of a wall. After scanning, the graph does not reach the top of the ramps as seen here:
(I made the wall that was there invisible to show the graph coverage, but there is a vertical wall there as shown)

The ramps and walls are both placed real time using dynamic grid obstacles and navmesh cuts respectively.

The vertical walls have a navmesh cut that goes about halfway up the wall to try and help prevent this case from happening, but as you can see the graph does not extend past half of the wall so it gets cut and the path is not continuous.

I am using a recast graph over a large area as shown:

Do you have any suggestions on preventing this by either: changing or modifying the graph settings, or applying additional logic in the dynamic grid obstacle? Or is there a way to force the top points of the ramps to be included in the graph? Navmesh add puts the entire surface of the panel there which is great, but as you know does not connect to the existing graph.


The graph is quite aggressive in simplifying the graph along the Y axis.
What you can do to prevent this is to:

  1. Reduce the Max Border Edge Length field
  2. Reduce the max tile size (though generally try to avoid going lower than 64x64).
  3. Adding a small feature or platform at the top of the ramps can force the graph to add some additional triangles there, and thus remove the simplification.
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